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At High Frequency Farms our Marijuana growing method could be described as biological farming; which is a chemical free, sustainable method that focuses on improving the microbiology in the soil as a way of increasing plant growth & yield. We grow in certified organic soil which we amend by hand with OMRI approved (organic) nutrients – We also brew beneficial bacteria & fungi rich compost teas for our plants in custom built vortex brewers. We allow the tea to aerate "vortex" over a period of time - this helps us to create our "living soils". Compost Tea essentially is a natural liquid fertilizer & disease suppressor that is made by soaking & aerating biologically-active compost in water, often with other ingredients such as kelp or molasses to feed the microorganisms. 


All of our Marijuana is flowered in the spring-fall with natural sunlight utilizing Light Deprivation techniques - this creates great terpene profiles in our product while also cutting down on our environmental footprint.

High Frequency Farms is a tier 3 located in North Central Washington - a rich farming community perfect for growing Marijuana.



High Frequency Farms began as a "pipe dream" by Dean & Stevie in 2012 when initative 502 was passed in Washington State. We eagerly submitted our application in December 2013, secured investment funding, then began the build out for the farm in October of 2014. By January 2015 we had received our state issued tier 3 producer/processor license. The business has continued to grow & thrive each year. With good work ethic, knowledge of business/growing & a crew of dedicated employees our farm has grew into something more than all of our wildest dreams. 

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We focus on growing & processing packaged flower products for licensed i502 retailers.

Packaged Flower (1g, 2g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g & 28g)

Shake Bags (Sugar Leaf - 7g, 14g & 28g)

Where can I buy HFF Products?

High Frequency Farms products can be found through-out Washington State at licensed i502 retail outlets. Our products are sold ONLY to those 21 & older. Stop in one of partners' locations & try HFF.


Feedback is always welcome by sending a message on our contact page. Please enjoy responsibly.

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